Clear Choices: The Bright Side of Picking the Perfect Patio Doors

Sliding versus french doors

Introduction to Large Glass Doors Large glass doors, encompassing both French doors and sliding glass doors, are more than just entry points; they are design statements that merge indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing in natural light and enhancing the visual appeal of your home. These doors offer a seamless transition between your home’s interior and […]

What Happens If Your Insurance Denies Your Storm Damage Claim?

Storm damage claim

In recent years, the storm damage insurance landscape has undergone significant changes, especially in regions frequently hit by severe weather. A striking example is Florida, where the increasing severity and frequency of storms have led to a surge in insurance claims, resulting in a higher rate of denials and even rendering some areas nearly uninsurable. […]

Top 10 Exterior Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value with Compass Exteriors

Minnesota house deck

The decision of whether to buy a new home or invest in your current one has always been a tough call. The market fluctuates, interest rates climb, and personal circumstances change. Now, with interest rates ticking upwards and the housing market favoring sellers, many homeowners are faced with a critical decision: should they enter a […]