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Compass exteriors has been installing siding on Minneapolis area homes for the past 20+ years. Our customers love us because we get our siding projects done on time, on budget, and to customer’s specifications. 

A lot of homeowners are concerned about damage to their roof – and they should be – but did you know your siding is also vulnerable to extreme weather events? Siding can get damaged, and unless it’s repaired right away, it can deteriorate further until it needs to be replaced altogether or lead to more significant structural damage. Whether you need repair services or replacement services, Compass Exteriors can help you with all of your siding needs.

What kind of damage can Compass Exteriors help with?

While longevity depends on material, they’re all vulnerable to damage in one way or another. Hail storms are especially damaging to siding, but strong winds and tornados can also impact them, especially if there is flying debris.

Vinyl or wood siding can fall victim to peeling, which does not seem like a serious problem, but it’s a sure sign that there is trapped moisture underneath.

Strong wind and storms can dent your vinyl and aluminum siding alike, and, like peeling, it may only seem like a cosmetic issue, but it can – and ultimately will – lead to bigger problems like cracks and broken pieces.

Wood siding is also known to chip or crack, both of which can be looked at and repaired by our team at Compass Exteriors. You don’t want to leave this unattended as it can lead to worse damage.

Hail storms are known to create holes in vinyl siding, but debris can also contribute to that. If your siding deteriorates to the point where it has holes or broken pieces, then it is no longer acting as the protective layer it should be and it’s time to repair what you can or replace it altogether.

If small cracks and missing chunks of siding aren’t addressed in time, then it eventually leads to bigger pieces of ripped and broken siding. This kind of damage is also typically perpetrated by hailstorms, but strong winds can also be culprits.

Siding replacement

Should you realize that your siding is a little past its prime Compass Exteriors is more than happy to install your brand new siding.

One of the most common types of siding, vinyl is popular (used for over 30% of homes!) for a very good reason – affordability, first and foremost. It’s also easy to install, and doesn’t even require the removal of previous wood siding. It also doesn’t need to be repainted. The problem is that it’s not that good a base for fixing, and it’s prone to cracking, so replacement boards are necessary, more often than not.

Wood is the best when you want a natural, authentic look. The finish is undeniably beautiful, and elegant. Aesthetically, it’s superior to the other options. However, it does have some drawbacks. The cost is probably the biggest element that gives people pause. However, you should also be aware of the fact that it requires maintenance than other siding materials. Installation is also significantly more involved, and thus, requires more work, and is more expensive. 

Aluminum siding is durable, and doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood. The most common form of damage on aluminum and steel siding is denting from hail damage. Outside of that metal siding it extremely resilient.

Siding and exterior contractors

Siding damage needs to be repaired swiftly, because the longer you leave it, the more likely it is to create even more damage. Should you find yourself with siding damage, the first thing you need to do is take pictures. That will be useful when you contact your insurance provider. Before your claim, give siding installers like Compass Exteriors a call and we’ll give you an estimate of the cost for your siding replacement or repair.

Compass exteriors are happy to handle storm damage, strong wind damage, hail storm damage, and any other type of damage your siding has sustained. We offer free roof and siding inspections for homes that may have storm damage.

Why Compass Exteriors are the best siding contractors in Minneapolis

More than anything else, it’s important to hire someone you can trust. A company with experience, that is well-reviewed, and that is part of the community. There will be numerous contractors promising to help you fix your siding, but it’s not the only important aspect of the company-client relationship. 

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