Hammering Out the Details: Navigating the Nitty-Gritty of Contractor Etiquette

Contractor Etiquette

Starting a home makeover or building project brings a lot of excitement, filled with choices about colors and materials. But there’s another part that might cause some head-scratching: how to act around the people doing the work. At Compass Exteriors, we get that it’s important to have a good relationship with your contractors. This helps […]

What Happens if My Insurance Estimate is Different from My Contractor?

Roof contractor estimate

When embarking on home construction or renovation projects, homeowners often encounter a critical financial crossroad: understanding the difference between insurance estimates and contractor quotes. This disparity, while common, can be a source of confusion and, at times, frustration. Typically, insurance estimates are calculated based on the insurance company’s assessment of the damage and the cost […]

Understanding Casement Windows: A Guide for Minnesota Homeowners

Casement window's

As Minnesota homeowners, preparing for the winter months is always a priority. A significant part of this preparation involves ensuring your home is energy-efficient and comfortable. One effective way to achieve this is through the installation of casement windows. Let’s delve into what casement windows are, why they’re a popular choice in Minnesota, and how […]

Welcome to Minnesota Winters: How Homeowners Navigate Its Unique Challenges

Minnesota winter solutions

Welcome to Minnesota, a state known for its vibrant seasons and particularly its distinct winter experience. If you’re new to the North Star State or have recently stepped into the world of homeownership here, understanding Minnesota’s winter weather is essential for a comfortable and safe season. What Makes Minnesota’s Winter Weather Unique? Minnesota winters are […]

How To Lower Your Winter Energy Bills: Tactics for Minnesota Homeowners

Energy efficient winterized home

In Minnesota, our winters can be breathtakingly beautiful, but they can also bring some hefty energy bills. Lately, many homeowners have noticed a steady increase in these bills during the colder months. Why is this happening? Well, in recent years, energy costs have generally been on the rise, and our Minnesota winters are not getting […]

Home Energy Audit: A Pragmatic Approach for Minnesota Homeowners

Minnesota home fireplace

In today’s energy-conscious world, understanding the efficiency of one’s home can offer more than just savings on utility bills. A home energy audit, also known as an energy efficiency test for homes, is a holistic assessment aimed at evaluating your home’s energy usage. It provides actionable insights into how homeowners can improve their homes to […]